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Dylan M. Heuer

Is a Podcast Producer Based in New York City

I have launched eight podcasts, produced eleven series, conducted over 100 interviews, written dozens of scripts, and provided editorial feedback on more than 300 stories.

The content of my work spans current events, pop culture, news stories, and evergreen human interest pieces. I have produced short form stories and long form series and worked on shows featuring archival tape, live-to-tape roundtables, and highly produced scripts. Ultimately, what drives my work is a passion for learning, a love of writing, and a desire to share stories in an entertaining and accessible way.

My work has been recognized as an Apple Podcasts' "Editor's Choice" and on Apple Podcasts' "New and Noteworthy" collection, Stitcher's "Episodes You Can't Miss," and Stitcher's "Top Society and Culture Podcasts." Features of my work have also appeared on ABC News and WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show, as well as in Them, The A.V. Club, Podcast The Newsletter, and other publications. In 2021, my story for KCRW's Radio Race was awarded "Runner Up" by an esteemed panel of judges.

I discovered my love for radio at Wesleyan University, where I hosted a show featuring a feminist perspective on current events and interviews with student activists and artists.


In addition to creating podcasts, I love to cook, read books, do crafts, and cuddle with my cat. 

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